Program Overview

IT Media Engineering Program

1) Program Overview

  • Our curriculum covers the cores of the sharply-increasing smart media industry: media Contents (C), media Platforms (P), communication Networks (N), and media Devices (D).
    Through our education program on fundamentals of IT and electronic technology, students cultivate their qualities to lead in the fields of communication and networks (N) and advanced media devices (D). Various hands-on lab experiences provide students thorough understanding of media platforms (P) and skills for creating and editing media contents (C).

2) Educational objectives

  • The IT Media Engineering Program offers education in the field of IT and media technology with a goal of fostering experts in media and IT industries.

3) The field of educational

  • Broadcasting, Communication, Multimedia Signal Processing, Hardware

4) Careers

  • Broadcast networks, electronic and IT industries, information and communication technology positions in government-owned corporations, graduate school, and many others.