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IT leaders to gather at ICES in Las Vegas

By Kim Yoo-chul

LAS VEGAS ― Consumers as well as technology experts are usually taking a hint from the International Consumer Electronics Show (ICES) over what trends will rule the technology industry in the coming year.

Global technology giants, including Samsung Electronics and Sony, again plan to unveil their latest and wow gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and appliances, at the world’s largest and most-influential tech show, which will be held here from Jan. 7 to 11.

According to Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the show organizer, over 3,200 technology companies will show up at the exhibition. Some 20,000 new products in a total 15 categories will be displayed at more than 300 technology conferences.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Sony Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai and Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf will deliver their keynote speeches. The new Qualcomm CEO may meet the Korean media for renewed business partnership with its Korean clients, according to officials.

This year, there are three key themes to watch ― UHD (ultra high-definition), wearable and 3D.

According to Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the show organizer, products that will be exhibited to the annual technology fair are mostly conceptual products, offering clues to the world of what’s coming next.

Some say the ICES is losing its luster because well-known tech giants including Samsung Electronics, Apple and Google prefer to hold their own events for product launches outside the ICES official event.

However, the technology fair still sets the tone in the coming year, said officials at Samsung and LG Electronics.

“There are concerns that our products may easily be copied by Chinese companies. That’s why we have preference to unveil ‘wholly new products’ only to our clients in private rooms. The Chinese are quick and fast. Since Samsung is leading the global technology world, we have no option but to remain cautious for gadget launches in the ICES,” said an official at Samsung Electronics, Sunday.

Last year, the so-called 4K, smartphone integration and new kinds of interfaces ― like gesture and eye tracking ― had gained traction. 4K, or ultra definition, is the newest technology with four times the number of pixels of standard high-definition. IT guarantees vivid image, natural shade of color and pictures.

This year, big names are going to focus on televisions supporting UHD viewing quality, smart vehicles, 3D printing, wearable’s and Internet of Things (IoT).

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